ADVISORY: Storm prep information from Consumers Energy

Consumers Energy is prepared to respond to high winds and strong thunderstorms expected later today and tonight on June 26 across Michigan, especially in southern portions of the state. Thunderstorms with wind gusts up to 65 mph could produce downed wires and power outages.  

Consumers Energy is committed to the health and safety its co-workers, customers and communities as they perform the essential work of restoring  customers’ power. Response crews will be taking COVID-19 precautions such as practicing social distancing in their vehicles and other work locations, completing medical screening prior to their shift and regularly cleaning vehicles and other work surfaces. While Consumers Energy greatly appreciates residents who often come out of their homes to talk when they arrive to restore power, during this COVID-19 situation, they respectfully ask you to remain at least six feet away from crews and their equipment. Give them a wave from your front door and they will go about their restoration work.  

 Consumers Energy reminds the public to stay at least 25 feet away from a downed wire and anything it is touching. Report downed wires by calling 9-1-1 and Consumers Energy at 800-477-5050. Always assume a downed wire, even if not sparking, is energized. Consumers Energy crews are ready to respond as quickly as possible, to make situations safe and restore power.  

Customers are also reminded, if they lose power, to never use a generator in an attached garage, basement, enclosed patio or near any air intakes. Doing so could cause a generator to produce hazardous levels of carbon monoxide; an odorless, colorless and deadly gas. Portable generators should be operated 25 feet outside of any building, away from windows, doors and vents. 


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