Community Flint Water Crisis

Mayor and city council request a court-appointed expert to review the motion for attorney fees and reimbursement expenses

In a vote on Monday City Council joined Mayor Sheldon Neeley calling for more transparency in the review of attorney fees and reimbursement of expenses for the Flint Water litigation settlement.

The resolution notes that the Flint community needs transparency at every step of this settlement process including the court’s review of the motion for attorney fees and, in particular, the reimbursement of expenses.

“The Flint community has suffered enough and deserves transparency to ensure these dollars are given to Flint families and children as intended,” Neeley said. “This would be a thorough review and opportunity for residents to see documentation of fees and expenses on their behalf.”

The City takes no position on the outcome of the motion, but believes that the public would benefit from an expert, independent review and analysis of the complex and voluminous motion and its supporting documentation.

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