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Recent graduate from Flint Genesee Job Corps overcomes challenges and gives advice to others

Written by Verona Terry

Twenty-three-year-old Anthony Graham has done some amazing things at Flint Genesee Job Corps since he entered on May 28th, 2019, and did not let the pandemic stop him from reaching his goals.

When he first arrived at the center he had some reservations and wasn’t sure what to expect – being from a different city and starting a new endeavor can certainly be a challenge. But he knew one thing he wanted to obtain was his high school diploma, and he wanted health care training to be able help others.  His path opened quickly and he focused on his class work towards his diploma, knowing that would give him an advantage for his mission to become a certified nurse assistant (CNA).  Being accepted at Charter Health Care, in the off-center training (OCT) program offered at Job Corps, he concentrated on the criteria necessary to understand the medical terminologies, responsibilities and clinicals needed for excellent patient care.

Graham completed all credentials needed at Charter Health Care to become state certified in nursing assistance, to include CPR and caring for persons with Alzheimer’s.  Graham took this challenge very seriously and received 100% proficiency attainment in three months, completing the CNA training.

Learning about the advanced career training (ACT program offered at Job Corps and through its partnership with Mott Community College), Graham took another brave step to enroll in college, while residing on center.   He completed his pre-requisites and entered in general studies receiving excellent grades, while looking at his medical study options.

During that time, he applied and was accepted at Eastern Michigan University to and has been working on completing his degree in criminal psychology as of January, 2022!  Graham states he feels both excited and anxious about his future.   He credits the opportunity that Charter Health Care gave him to get him to this point in his life, and his treasured memory while at Flint Genesee Job Corps is his friendship with Jordan Jackson. Graham and Jackson were able to keep each other motivated during training.

Achieving all of this during the pandemic, Graham believes that “people should live a little more and enjoy all that life has to offer”.

Students and staff are extremely proud of his achievements and know he will do extremely well.

They wish him the very best and will take heed in his advice to enjoy life more.






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