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Mayor Sheldon Neeley declares a state of emergency to combat gun violence in Flint

On Friday, July 23, Mayor Sheldon Neeley declared a state of emergency in the city of Flint due to gun violence with Executive Orders that specifically combat gun violence.

“Families are being devastated by gun violence and it poses a serious threat to the health and quality of life of all residents,” Neeley said. “Whenever a life is cut short, especially to gun violence, our whole community suffers. This State of Emergency due to gun violence will allow us to combat this crisis in our city. It will take a united effort to save our village and with thorough strategy we will meet that challenge. This state of emergency is a pathway to continue the needed aggressive efforts, and we will do more if necessary. There is much work to be done, but we must continue this work to safeguard our community and our families. I pray for the victims, their families and our community.”

Mayor Neeley’s Executive Orders:

1. 21-001 City of Flint Executive Order on Gun Violence-Establish the Emergency Response Team (ERT) for Traumatic Events and Coordinate Services between the Flint Police Department and Mental Health Professionals to serve the community
2. 21-002 City of Flint Executive Order on Gun Violence-Establish Partnerships with Grass Roots and Community Outreach Programs to Combat Gun Violence.
3. 21-003 City of Flint Executive Order on Gun Violence-Establish Partnerships Throughout the Community to Create Opportunities for Positive Engagement for Youth.
4. 21-004 City of Flint Executive Order on Gun Violence-Provide Financial Incentives to Certified Officers in Good Standing for Gun Violence Prevention.
5. 21-005 City of Flint Executive Order on Gun Violence-Hire Dedicated Attorneys and Victim Advocates to Partner with Flint Police Department on Gun Violence Prevention.
6. 21-006 City of Flint Executive Order on Gun Violence-Creation of Crime Suppression Grants for Small Businesses.

Priorities in the executive orders were part of community recommendations and input on how the city of Flint should prioritize funding received as part of the American Rescue Plan Act.

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