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City of Flint Water Department Issues Recommendation to Avoid Frozen Water Lines

FLINT, Mich. — Due to extreme cold temperatures the City of Flint Water Department is recommending that water customers run their cold water in a stream the size of a pencil (approximately 1/4″ of an inch) to avoid their water line from freezing. Ideally customers should choose the faucet furthest from the meter in an effort to include as much of their plumbing as possible. These extremely cold temperatures are predicted for the next several days and to help avoid their services line and plumbing from freezing the department recommends this practice continue until further notice.

“We want to help residents avoid any potential issues that could occur in their homes due to a burst pipe and the inconvenience of not having water service along with the potential loss of other items due to water damage,” said  Rob Binscik DPW Director.

Other suggestions for residents are to be aware of any broken basement windows causing extreme cold temperatures in their basement and leave kitchen sink cabinet doors open to allow heat to reach any pipes under the sink.

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