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Objection form now available for Flint Water Crisis settlement

Featured photo: 1st Ward Flint City Councilman Eric Mays recently presented an objection form residents can use to state objections to the Flint Water Crisis settlement

Written by Tanya Terry

Since there was no objection form in the packets sent to Flint residents concerning the Flint Water Crisis settlement, 1st Ward Flint City Councilman Eric Mays recently introduced an objection form. He asked Attorney Brenda Williams to assist him and others in creating this form.

There will be a fairness hearing on July 12, and the rules for participating in that fairness hearing are very specific,” Mays said at a recent press conference.

“(And so) we thought that it was very interesting that the judge said on record she would set aside 2,3 days to hear from Flint people in the July 12 fairness hearing, but no objection form,” Mays added.

Mays asked his attorneys, Theodore J. Leopold and Attorney Michael L. Pitt to help him with his objection form, and according to Mays, they refused.

On page 15 of the instruction booklet sent to all Flint residents along with a form with which they can opt in, opt out or opt in with objections all the instructions for objections can be found. Mays and Williams used these instructions to design the objection form. Various objections are listed on the form, and there is space for individuals to write more.

Mays called the presentation of these objection forms “the beginning of a mysteriously missing objection form.”

“The standard is ‘is this settlement, fair, adequate and reasonable?’ he said. “(And) we think in some areas, I think in some areas-and others I’ve talked to-that in some areas it’s not fair adequate and reasonable. We don’t like the $1,000 cap on adults. We don’t like the division of percentages inn some cases, with the older children. We know that the younger children are being taken care of. We don’t think that the money is adequate. There will be an objection that relates to the amount of attorney fees. There will be objections to the process as it relates to people still don’t have their packet, and COVID-19 has affected the communications between lawyers and clients.”

Although Mays and others are encouraging people to opt in with objections, they are encouraging them to use the registration form that has been given, as well.

Jerri Winfrey-Carter, Ward 5 councilwoman, said although she felt the settlement was a slap in the face and another way to devalue this community and devalue the people of the city of Flint, we must now stand together to make sure that the judge hears our voices. She said the objections forms must be sent so the judge will be aware of what Flint residents know about the settlement.

Any objection forms must be received by March 29 by U.S. mail, and those who have already registered can still submit an objection form.

Residents can pick up the objection forms at Kenneth Scott & Associates Law Office, located at 2702 Flushing Rd. and call 810-766-6655.

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