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Get Enrolled for Healthcare Coverage

Hamilton Community Health Network has experts available to assist in the enrollment process

November1, kicks off Open Enrollment for healthcare coverage.  This is a very important date as it could be the only time you are able to solidify your health insurance until next year.  During open enrollment, November 1 through December 15, you can enroll in Medicare, occupational based health plans and individual market health insurance, by way of the Affordable Care Act.

Hamilton Community Health Network (HCHN) will be available to provide guidance through the enrollment process. HCHN has several staff who are trained to walk consumers through the enrollment process that can often be intimidating and confusing. This year Hamilton will be offering extended hours, including 8 a.m.  – 8 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until December 15 at specific clinics. The schedule is:

  • Tuesday North Pointe at 5710 Clio Rd. Flint
  • Wednesday Main 2900 N. Saginaw St. Flint
  • Thursday Burton G-3375 S. Saginaw St. Burton

“We want to be available for parents who have to work during the day and for others who need assistance in navigating the process,” said Tim McCarron lead outreach and enrollment coordinator. “You will be able to set up an appointment to meet with a specialist or you can just walk in, however, we do encourage an appointment.”

Though the official day for open enrollment starts November 1, there are some exceptions to the start date depending on your needs. For instance, Medicare enrollment began October 15, and if you are selecting health insurance through an employer, those dates are determined by your employer. There are also exceptions that allow individuals to enroll past the general deadline of December 15. Those circumstances include: loss of employment, recent marriage or divorce, becoming a widow or widower, aging off of a parents plan, or birth of a new child.

Keep in mind, failing to pay your monthly premiums or voluntarily canceling prior coverage, does not qualify for special enrollment. In fact, with the recent Work Requirement rule, Medicaid patients will need to submit their work requirement paperwork on a monthly basis or lose coverage.

“The new Work Requirement for Medicaid will go in effect January 2020, and requires 80 hours of work, school, or community service”, explained McCarron.

With all the above information, not to mention the specifics of each plan, the topic of health insurance can be an intimidating one altogether. However, through research and utilizing all resources offered by local health centers such as Hamilton Community Health Network, you can confidently make the right healthcare coverage decisions for you and your family this enrollment season.

For more information, contact HCHN at (810) 787-5097.


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