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COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked

Black health care workers debunk common myths and misconceptions about the COVID vaccines explaining the vaccines CANNOT give you COVID and do not affect your DNA. Black doctors, nurses and researchers dispel misinformation and provide accessible facts about the #COVID #vaccines in this FAQ video series. THE CONVERSATION: #BetweenUsAboutUs is produced by KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation), a nonprofit organization focusing on national health issues (no affiliation with Kaiser Permanente) and presented by KFF’s Greater Than COVID public information initiative in partnership with the Black Coalition Against COVID (BCAC). For more information go to: http://www.BetweenUsAboutUs.org

For information on COVID-19 vaccine clinics available in Flint in March 2023, click here: https://www.geneseecountymi.gov/departments/health_department/coronavirus/clinics.php

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