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Redistricting and a first time ever, historic opportunity for Michigan residents

    Featured photo: Essence Wilson, chief stategy officer, Communities First, Inc. 

Video by Anthony Davis

     Redistricting has affected and continue to affect residents in the city of Flint when it comes to political power, government funding and private sector investment for communities. But, currently Flint residents and other residents across the state can take part in a historic, first time ever opportunity in regards to redistricting! 
      In this video, you will learn about the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission and why it was formed. 
      You’ll also learn about the Michigan Nonprofit Association and an initiative the organization launched to help Michigan residents understand how they can participate in the redistricting process. This is especially important for populations that have been historically underrepresented such as people of color, the immigrant community, people who have English as a second language and low income populations. 
      In addition, on the video, you’ll receive information about Communities First, Inc. in Flint and their upcoming meetings-so you can advocate for fairer representation. For more information on Communities First, Inc. and any of their meetings call 810-422-5258 ext. 1007, or visit communitiesfirstinc.org. At least one more meeting regarding redistricting is expected to be scheduled through Communities First this month. 
     To provide written testimony, make a districting plan with simple software or submit a communities of interest map, visit Michigan-mapping.org, or send written comments to: P.O. Box 30318 Lansing, MI 48909. 
     For more information on the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, visit Michigan.gov/micrc
      To learn more about the Michigan Nonprofit Association, visit mnaonline.org
      To see how the Commission is working in person, residents are invited to attend and take part in the MICRC Public Hearing from 1:30-3:30 p.m. and from 5-8 p.m. October 26, at the Dort Event Center.

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