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Mott Community College wins AACC Safety Planning & Leadership Award

Mott Community College (MCC) won the American Association of Community Colleges 2020 Award of Excellence for Community College Safety Planning and Leadership, presented during a national Zoom event recently.

MCC’s safety initiatives and services included in the recognition are:

·         In 1998 became the first community college police department in Michigan

·        In 2019 became the first community college police department to receive full accreditation in


 ·        Utilizes sworn officers and non-certified officers for 24-hour, seven-day-a-week response.

·         Maintains Emergency Response Team – trained volunteers assist during drills & actual emergencies.

·         Implemented five-year emergency preparedness program with monthly weekend emergency drills for              all officers, mandatory training for leadership staff, copies of the emergency plan for multiple crises                 installed in every office, tabletop simulations for leaders, defense trainings for departments, all-                         college  lockdown drills, campus-wide security camera network with 24-hour coverage, indoor and                   outdoor emergency call boxes throughout the main campus.

·         Employs community caretaking to patrol neighborhoods and develop partnerships.

·         Inspects equipment, materials and reports safety issues.

·         Offers health services on campus providing a medical supervisor, paramedic, nurse practitioner, offers            health referrals, treatment for minor injury and illness, health screenings and select vaccinations.

MCC was chosen for the award based on a criteria of exemplary practices, including a commitment to developing safety training programs, leaders capable of handling safety issues, establishing plans for addressing safety issues as part of an ongoing program, integrating and evaluating the safe use of equipment and materials, providing information to students and employees related to safety and incorporating safety-related training and safety preparedness into campus programming.

“This is a prestigious award and a significant honor for the college,” said MCC President Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea.

“National recognition of the important leadership role Mott Community College has played in community college safety planning attests to the standards of excellence we strive for every day,” Griffea added.



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