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L’Oreal USA appoints Flint native as first Chief Transformation Officer, North America

Written by Tanya Terry

L’Oréal USA announced the appointment of a Flint native as the chief transformation officer for L’Oréal’s North America Zone in December. Rahquel Purcell is the first-ever executive to hold this position in the region! She will lead the newly formed North America Transformation Office. In her previous role, Purcell worked as chief operations officer, North America.

The company has stated Purcell worked at the forefront of L’Oréal’s efforts to respond to the pandemic market conditions. According to L’Oréal, Purcell will now drive an ambitious transformation agenda to adapt and evolve L’Oréal’s operating models for the future, including core processes, ways of working, organizational design and business tools.

Purcell’s positive, inspiring relationships with others from Flint, including her parents, has helped propel her into this groundbreaking opportunity.

Purcell was a little shy in her earlier years of high school, but a summer program she attended that required her to sing and speak in front of people brought her out of her shell.

She was active in community organizations as a youth.

The organizations of Lenore Croudy and L. Jean Smith were instrumental to Purcell.

In 1988, Purcell graduated from Carman-Ainsworth High School. The same year, Purcell left Flint to attend the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, which she received a scholarship to attend.

Purcell earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, and holds honorary program degrees from MIT, Harvard and the CEDEP business school in Paris, France. Her education has helped prepare her for life.

Purcell has traveled internationally and nationally. Her first trip abroad was with her parents to London, England when Purcell was 16. Her parents hoped Purcell would make travel part of her future endeavors and are pleased it has worked out that way. Purcell’s parents were glad to assist Purcell with her young kids when she lived in Geneva, Switzerland. She was working with The Procter & Gamble Company at the time.

Prior to her employment with L’Oréal, Purcell worked with The Procter & Gamble Company for over 20 years. She also worked for General Motors Company and PepsiCo, Inc.

“We’re always proud of her,” said Purcell’s father, Hill “Al” Wiggins.

“Every time the phone rings we’re expecting new stuff because she’s that type of person,” Wiggins added.

“We’re very pleased with her and all of her accomplishments,” said Flossy Wiggins, Purcell’s mother.

“This was obviously another big step that we felt she too was worthy of,” Flossy Wiggins added.

Rahquel Purcell’s proud parents are Flossy Wiggins and Hill “Al” Wiggins, who also lived in Flint for years.

Flossy Wiggins said her daughter has always excelled at any task she was assigned to.

“She was always the best,” she stated. “She always wanted to be at the top.”

To Flossy Wiggins, for L’Oréal to recognize Purcell’s potential says excellent things about the company.

Purcell was also recently elected to MSC Industrial Supply Co.’s Board of Directors.

Purcell is currently residing in Bedminster, a township in New Jersey. Her parents live in South Amboy, New Jersey.







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