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“Concerned Pastors Address Flint’s Water Crisis”

“Concerned Pastors Address Flint’s Water Crisis”

Members of the Concerned Pastors for Social Action have listened attentively to our collective congregations. We have witnessed their anxiety and felt their anger. There is wide spread complaints about the oder, smell and taste of the water. We are again at a critical cross road in our city. The call to action today in Flint, in regards to our water crisis, is no less grave than the call to action in 1955 during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer captured the mood of the masses as the movement gathered momentum when she stated "I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired". A number of residents have voiced their boiling disapproval at City Council meetings and press conferences. The Concerned Pastors for Social Action echo that sentiment in 2015.


The Flint water crisis is literally a life and death situation. Recent front page banner headlines in the Flint Journal have warned Flint residents about the cost and quality of the city's primary water source, the Flint River.  It is unfair in every sense of the word to pay exorbitant prices for severely compromised water in regards to its safety and quality.


This situation must be eradicated as soon as possible.  We can not afford to wait until the proposed completion date of the Karegnondi pipeline to have usable water.  We cannot wait several months until further studies and evaluations are completed by chemists, etc., on the Flint River.  The citizens of Flint need their water now!  The health and welfare of our citizens must be the primary objective when addressing this issue. 


The Concerned Pastors for Social Action pledge to make the satisfactory resolution of the Flint water crisis our number one priority. In the days and weeks ahead we will demand regular briefings from appropriate government officials regarding speedy corrective action. We will continue to engage all relevant city, county, and state political leaders to see that this issue is given laser focus and attention. We will hold all elected officials accountable for the expedient and fair resolution of this issue. We will not accept buck passing or political gamesmanship.


Reconnecting to the city of Detroit’s water system is the the shortest route to restoring usable water in the city of Flint.  The officials of Detroit and Flint, accompannied by officials from the State of Michigan must come together immediately and arrive at an equitable resolution that is fair to all involved parties financially, in regards to physical health, ethically and morally.  Even if it means the State will facilitate the process by sharing some of its financial surplus money with a city in crisis.         

The C.P.S.A. are determined to be a part of the solution,  We are in dialog with elected official on every level of government.  We will provide regular progress reports to our church members and all the residents of Flint.  Just as our fore parents, in an hour of uncertainty and fear, summoned an extraordinary commitment to vigilance and unity, we are called upon today to pull together like never before. It is not an over statement to say that our lives may very well depend on it!

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