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A Dream Becomes Reality For The All America African Museum

A Dream Becomes Reality For The All America African Museum
By Dr. Larry Higgins
On behalf of the All American African Museum Board of Directors, and Charter Member, Dr.
Larry J. Higgins, we would like to announce that on February 22, 2009, the people of the United States came together to form an organization to start an African American Museum. We had people from all 50 states to participate in this endeavor.
This event will be open to people all over the world, in the Summer of 2016, in Washington
D.C.. For an example of what will be in this museum from the city of Flint the religious
community such as, the Great Lakes Educational Congress, and District Association just to name
a few.
As to how this event began, we asked the Federal Government for 50 million dollars, and we had
to invest 250 million dollars ourselves. We have already reached the goal of providing the 250
million that was asked of us. This museum will be on the National Mall, and will be located
behind the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
This will be for our children, their children, as well as” the unborn. We encourage everyone to
participate in the grand opening in the Summer of2016. More information will be forthcoming.

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