The Power of Women – Opinion Article

Dr. Joyce Ellis-McNeal
Dr. Joyce Ellis-McNeal

The Power of Women

Dr. Joyce Ellis-McNeal, MPA

Pure clean water is an social equity issue.  Social equity implies fair access to employment, education and resources; full participation in the political and cultural life of the community; and self-determination to meet essential needs.  Self determination to meet the essential needs for a woman, is the freedom and ability to be able to wash and teach other young ladies and girl how to protect and clean their body properly.  Women and mothers have been disarmed from the essential needs to take a proper bath.  Social equity is the cornerstone of society, which cannot be maintained for a few at the expense of the many.  Women must be able to take care of their children.  The questions and answers lies within these words.

Who Is The Strongest – in Flint Water Crisis

The Antiquities of the Jews

After the slaughter of the magi, who upon the death of Cambyses, attained the government of the Persians for a year, those families who were called the SEVEN families of the Persians, appointed DARIUS, to be their king.  He had a hundred and twenty-seven provinces.

This king proposed three questions:

  • Whether wine was not the strongest?
  • Whether Kings were not such?
  • Whether women were not such?

Answer to Question 1.          

Wine exceed everything by the following indications: a) for it changes and renews the souls of men when it gets into them, and it quenches the sorrow of those that are under calamities, and makes them think themselves to be of all men the rich nest, it makes them talk of no small things, but of talents, and such other things to become wealthy men only

(b) it makes them insensible of their commanders and of their kings, (c) and it takes away the remembrance of their friends and companions (Water is a friend and companion to a WOMAN).   FACT:  And when they have become sober and slept out their wine in the night, they arise without knowing anything they have done in their cups. We see this in LEADERSHIP in high places.  THEREFORE, the public must assume that the decisions made to end up with lead contaminated water must have  been by drunken politician.

Answer to Question 2

Leaders or politicians appeared to be the strongest and powerful than anything else that appears to have any force or wisdom:  (a)   They are usually men who govern all things that force the earth and sea to become profitable to them in what they desire.  They rule and have authority.  Example:  Leaders must or needs deserve to be esteemed INSUPERABLE in power and force.

Point of view:  Government cannot see how this water crisis has affected women’s relationship.   Our leaders are satiated with sorts of food, pure water, and pleasures, therefore, they can sleeps quietly.  He is guarded and protected at all times.  Therefore it APPEARS that the king exceed all in strength, because so great a multitude obeys his injunction, even to poison a community that includes his or her own race.


Wine is strong, as is these political leaders, who all men obey,  but WOMEN are superior  to them in POWER.

  • It was a woman that brought the leader into the world, and for those that plant the vines and make the sine, they are women who bear them (Tight but right, stay with me on this)..  It is the woman who bear them, and bring them up.  QUESTION  Is there anything which we do not receive from them.

Women’s Relationship With WATER

  • Men do not have the same relationship with water as men!!! The women need pure water to keep their garment clean and fresh for the household.  She needs pure water to manage her household affairs and needs the assurance that her children safety is preserved.  NOR can this country live separate from women.
  • FACTs: (a)  After leaders have gotten all the wealth and other things that are of great value and deserving regard (b) when he sees a beautiful woman; they leave all these things, and with open mouth fix their eyes upon here countenance (c) they are even willing to forsake what they have, so that may enjoy her beauty (NOTICE:  It takes soak bath – which requires water and other essential oils, etc.  Do you see the relationship here with water and women)
  • Men leave father, and mother, and the earth that nourished us, and frequently forget their friends, for the sake of women..
  • When a woman smile, the man can smile. Women not smiling now – Water is essential to making a woman smile.
  • When a woman cannot have the relationship with her first love (WATER) she get angry, and when she is angry, the man will eventually get angry.
  • TRUTH is a thing that is IMMORTAL and ETERNAL.

Debbie Stabenaw Bill

The problem with the WATER CRISIS is that men have different relationship about water than women.  Debbie needs about 127 women of all race, from all providences to take this issue to a FEDERAL DISASTER.  Women need to form a unified march to Lansing and White House and demand these pipes and our home return back to normal; we have lost retirement money due to greed on Wall Street, we have lost property value, and now you taken our human rights to have water.

I am calling upon all women that have a relationship with water is to do a “Water Crisis Sit Down”.   We will take an oath for each other, including politician’s wives , from bedroom to kitchen, we will not budge, only the bare minimum: Until each and every woman has her human rights restored.


We need men to sound the alarm again.  This time a Woman Movement  is going to Lansing and D.C. and we will not stop.  I have a dream that we will overcome through unity.  How insulting – Milk and cucumbers, this is what the breath and britches solved our water crisis.

Takes some of this free money coming into the city and send women to Lansing and D.C. to support Debbie.   Women Coalition For Pure Water.

A change coming  – Women are Angry – We are not Smiling.

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