Pot Legalized, But Not Tolerated on Campus

By Sheri L. Stuart, Staff Writer

Michigan voters who wanted to legalize the recreational use and possession of marijuana for persons 21 years of age or older saw their wish come true during the recent midterm elections.   Michigan Proposal 1 passed by a wide margin, as anticipated.  Results from a September poll found a majority of Michigan voters supported legalization.

What Happens Next?

While the proposal has passed, employees and their employers should be mindful of the policies and procedures governing drug use said Vanessa G. Nelson, president of Expert Human Resources based in Flint.

“You may have a medical marijuana card, but you cannot violate policy,” said Nelson.  If your company policy is zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol, you still cannot use marijuana on the job or be high on the job,” she said.

“If someone comes to work and is suspected of being under the influence, you have a right to ask them to submit to a drug test. If they fail that drug test then you can follow your procedures on how to deal with that,” said Nelson.

Likewise, officials at college campuses across the state have said even though the proposal has passed, smoking weed will not be tolerated on campus. For example, Michigan State prohibits the use or possession of marijuana on any property owned or managed by MSU, and by MSU’s faculty, staff, or students on any MSU property or during off-campus MSU business or events.  Similar policies are in effect at the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Central Michigan University.


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